How To Actually Support Mental Health Issues

With the second season of 'Thirteen Reasons Why' coming to Netflix very soon (tomorrow, I think), there's a lot of bitterness online and snide remarks about how it's 'time for people to start caring about mental health for a week and then go back to ignoring people who are actually struggling'. It's happened time and... Continue Reading →


My Experience Applying for PIP

Anyone who's been following me on Instagram will know that I recently had a face-to-face assessment as part of my application for PIP (Personal Independence Payment). In preparation for this assessment, I tried looking online to find any information or any kind of reassurance that it wouldn't be a hugely traumatic event. I had no... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!

It's been two months since I last posted anything here so I apologise for the sudden disappearance. It wasn't a planned hiatus, it was more just a 'oh my god everything seems to be spiralling out of control and I want to sleep for an eternity' kind of hiatus. I'm sure you know what I... Continue Reading →

Recovery Is Really Fucking Exhausting

I'm talking the pure, 100% real recovery where you are genuinely putting in all your effort. There are different types of recovery. There's the fake recovery where you insist that you're getting better and paint this magical picture of everything being okay, when in reality you're just hurting yourself and lying to yourself while actively... Continue Reading →

Friendships Vs Mental Health

How many of you have ever been told 'If you need someone to talk to, I'll always be there'? And how many times has the person who's said that actually been there? It's a recurring theme in my life at the minute. I start a discussion and I'm told that I can come to them... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2017.

This year has somehow flown by and dragged in at the same time. Just as it's been both the best and the worst for me. I'll be leaving 2017 as an entirely new person, and I'm not sure how I feel about her yet. She's very unfamiliar. This new person, this new me, has strength... Continue Reading →

Social Media is Keeping Me Alive

Upon reading the title of this post, you're probably thinking 'Wow, this girl is melodramatic as fuck.' While that's probably at least partially true, I 100% mean what I said. Social media, particularly Instagram, is the best form of support that I am receiving (other than my amazing and wonderful boyfriend). It's probably appropriate to... Continue Reading →

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